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Minimize Baggage with These Travel Essentials

Catherine Andrews

Traveling for the Weekend? Check Out These Easy Tips for Traveling LightOver packing is common for trips of any time span, but those weekend excursions can be extra tricky when it comes to taking only what is actually necessary. It’s essential to keep the purpose of the trip, location, weather and expected outings in mind when choosing what to take. So, when packing for that next quick getaway here are some tips for traveling light to help prevent those nagging ‘what if’s and maybe I need it’ mentality that keeps weighing down that luggage.

Keeping Clothing, Shoes and Accessories in Check

When it comes to smart clothing choices the purpose and intention of each outing comes into play. Is the ultimate destination a business meeting, a major sporting event, a conference, an outdoor adventure, a wedding, or a girl/guy getaway for pleasure? Whatever the occasion—or lack thereof—plan wardrobe choices accordingly while keeping seasonal weather conditions in mind. Today’s weather is more unpredictable than ever, but minimize the temptation to over pack by checking with the National Weather Service to see what’s forecasted for travel destinations prior to packing.

Casual trips allow most weekend travelers to get by with one or two pairs of jeans, slacks skirts or shorts along with a couple of tees. However, for nights on the town, business affairs or formal social gatherings, one simply must include a suit or evening-appropriate attire into the mix. Don’t forget socks, hosiery and shoes, as there’s no greater inconvenience than having an outfit on only to discover you have no foot gear at the last minute. Underwear, bras, hats and pajamas are often overlooked for short trips, and don’t forget to pack a few key accessories to complement your style on the go.

Gadgets, Toiletries and Other Extras for Traveling Comfort

Create or purchase small travel size containers of any hygiene products needed, such as soap, shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrushes, contact solution hair supplies, lotion, etc. If staying with friends or in a hotel, these items may not be needed at all, which is awesome if flying to the destination as these items tend to rupture at high altitude. (Secure them in a ziplock bag if traveling with such supplies.)

Naturally, access to entertainment and information is great during a trip, so consider carefully which tech items are needed. For a two day trip, a smartphone may offer all the tech one might need. However, if having a laptop or iPad is necessary to handle business needs or communications during travel, by all means take what you need—just be sure to pack any necessary power supplies or chargers and a pair of earbuds. A first aid kit for small boo-boos along the journey is wise as are inclusions such as sunscreen and sunglasses, because even cloudy days still expose eyes and skin to harmful ultraviolet rays.

Need More Tips for Traveling Light But Inclusively?

Contact a local travel and tourism professional near you to discover more travel savvy tips, and make every trip successful without the burden of lugging excessive luggage.

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