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San Francisco: Top 5 destinations to visit

San Francisco is situated in Northern California. It is a hilly region surrounded by the Pacific Ocean and the San Francisco Bay. The hot sun is always lousy here as the fog keeps descending throughout the year without taking a break. It one of the most vibrant cities in the whole of California, attracting tourists from all around the world. There are enough reasons for why you should visit this pretty spot at least once in your life time.

Why can San Francisco sweep you off?

 The city of San Francisco can completely immerse you in its enchanting beauty. We will tell you the simple reasons behind it.
 The city of San Francisco has a lot to do with tourists but it geographically small. So even if you have a day’s time you can almost travel around the whole city which is great.
 The climate in San Francisco is highly unpredictable. They can vary within small distances. But the unsettling fog there keeps the chillness alive.
 If you are a foodie then San Francisco is your paradise. San Francisco is hailed as the Best Food City in the country. The top 50 restaurants of the nation have their destination at San Francisco.
 The other significant things that add fuel to the tourist attraction are Cable cars, The Golden Gate Bridge, and the Colourful Victorian houses.

Top 5 destinations that you shouldn’t miss in San Francisco:

The Golden Gate Twins: Of course, they aren’t called that way officially, the twins are the Golden Gate Bridge and the Golden Gate Park. The Bridge came to life in the year 1937 after a four-year long struggle. It spans a distance of 1.7 miles and a side walk that allows pedestrians, bicyclists, and wheelchair users to roam in peace. The excitement of strolling in the park is one the best experiences you can ever have because there is no one ‘Keep of the Grass’ sign in the whole of the park that occupies about 1017 acres. Now you know why the Twins take the first place in the list.

Lombard Street: You can never be as crooked as this road because it is this street that is touted as ‘the most crooked street in the world’. Though it has tight turns and bends the place features beautiful gardens and gives a scintillating view of the bay, Alcatraz, and the Coit Tower.

California Academy of Sciences: For all you geeks out there, this place is the cloister of wisdom. It has an aquarium, planetarium, natural history museum, and world class research and education programs under its roof. You will never get to see a place with so much of knowledge heaped in one spot which makes it a must see destination in the whole of California.
Fisherman’s Wharf: if there is one thing that you can never forgo in the San Francisco tour is the amazement of hovering in the cable cars. The best spot that for the cable car ride is the San Francisco’s Fisherman’s Wharf where you get to see the best view of the city.

Legion of Honor: Before the dusk breaks in and you get to end your tour, make sure you visit this place that was built as a memorial for the soldiers who sacrificed their lives for the country in World War I. but the story doesn’t end here, it also houses 4000-year-old Europejewishan and graphic art. This place can simply restore the feeling of patriotism and humanity.

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How to choose the right travel agent?

To put things out bluntly nobody needs a travel agent today. Once the internet got on board, travel agents lost their purpose. But travel agents have their own purpose. Even today there are people who prefer to organize their travel plans. So here we are bringing to you the importance of a travel agent and quick tips to select the right one.

Importance of a travel agent:

 Experience will always provide a professional support. So a travel agent can always help you pick the best option, which might not happen when we are doing it single-handed.
 You can actually save a lot of money if you are picking the right travel agent. Saving money not only means spending less, it means more value too.
 You become aware of more options that are available. You get to choose the best from a larger lot.
 A travel agent ensures not only about the clients’ comfort but also their safety. This is the why you need a travel agent.
 As long as you are picking the right agent, you will neither regret his service nor his contribution.

Tips to pick a travel Agent:

Check online: As stated earlier, you check and book all your travel plans online. In the same way, internet can always be a great source to find out the best travel agent. Internet gives you the opportunity to find the best out of vast options and leave the rest.
Ask adequate questions: Consumer is always the king. so ask adequate questions to ensure your travel works fine. The travel agent is always under the obligation to answer all your queries and earn your trust. As far as your questions are prompt and perfect, you will always get a proper response. This will help you decide the travel agent who will work as you please
Be sure of what you want: Prepare a list of what you want, and make sure that they are really important. Only if you know what you want, you will be able to extract the maximum out of the travel agent. It is your hands to make optimum use of your travel agent.
Ensure your safety: finally, when you put your finger on the travel agent who came meet all your needs, make sure you keep yourself safe. Check the papers you sign with the travel agent. Most of the travel agents do not ask for any agreement. If you are doing, do only if it is completely necessary. But in any case, do not rely on vocal agreements.

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